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I've been playing that song, more than anything, since he died. "A minute of mayhem's alright by me, and the procession as well it's a nice way for anyone else who wants to pop along." Speaking about his reaction to the tributes that have been paid to Mc Laren since he passed away, Westwood explained: "I felt that too, when he died - a sort of wave of love. It was very unexpected, because he was quite young and he was healthy." ### Malcolm Mc Laren given flamboyant send-off at London funeral Vivienne Westwood among mourners at Highgate Cemetary.But then I felt that when I heard that he was ill as well. The funeral procession for punk impresario Malcolm Mc Laren has taken place through the streets of Camden, north London on April 22, 2010 A.In addition to his work with The Sex Pistols, The New York Dolls, and his solo recordings, Mc Laren enjoyed success in fashion.He opened a London boutique in the early 1970s with acclaimed designer Vivienne Westwood, Mc Laren's former life partner with whom he fathered a son, Joseph Corre.I think it's your duty to catalogue your work." Adam Ant's last solo album, 'Wonderful', was released in 1995 A. ### GIRLFRIEND, FORMER PARTNER, BOY GEORGE ALSO REACT TO MCLAREN'S DEATH Mc Laren's longtime girlfriend Young Kim confirmed his death Thursday at the age of 64.The musician-promoter-entrepreneur had reportedly battled cancer for some time.In addition, Ant has recorded a song in tribute to the late Sex Pistols manager Malcolm Mc Laren, who died earlier this month, and who also once managed Adam & The Ants. ', the track was only previously available as a demo recorded in the early '80s, but Ant says he wants to release a new version in tribute to the late punk manager."Malcolm was a sort of mentor in my life" he explained.

"I've heard that he's going to get everyone to sing 'You Need Hands'.Adam Ant has confirmed that he is working on his first album in 15 years, and that an ex-Oasis member reportedly plays on it.The album, which will be named 'Adam Ant Is The Blueblack Hussar in Marrying The Gunner's Daughter', also features collaborations with former 3 Colours Red guitarist Chris Mc Cormack and Ant's long-time songwriting partner Marco Pirroni.20 THE BRIDGE [AABA] Russian Rawk MAGAZINE News#11978 ### $$$$ - ...'Malcolm Mc Laren's funeral will be send off for a very good man', say family Punk icon due to be buried today (April 22, 2010 A.

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