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Lori, 51, and Ruth, 52, heard murmurs about a farming community two and a half hours from Seattle and 15 miles northwest of Yakima.Tieton, once a flourishing agricultural city, had nearly closed up in 2005, before a group of Seattle-based artists and artisans, known collectively as Mighty Tieton, began buying up real estate and opening businesses.And rural Washingtonians earn significantly less than city dwellers; of the 39 counties in the state, King County is one of only six—all in relatively urban and suburban Western Washington—where the poverty level is below 10 percent, according to a 2008 study by the United States Department of Agriculture.The contrast is even starker once you set foot in, say, Toppenish, as I did on a scorching 90-degree August day.The result: chevre, feta, and halloumi—cheeses so delicious that Lark on Capitol Hill serves them to discerning diners and Markets stocks it at all locations.“The Goat Goddesses.” That’s Ed Marquand’s term for the Babcocks.

The small towners vote differently than urbanites: Last November, those living in rural Washington, roughly 85 percent of the state’s territory, overwhelmingly voted “no” on marriage equality Referendum 71, which nonetheless passed due to a crush of support in Seattle.

In 2003 they graduated to raising goats—in Bellevue.

The neighbors complained and county inspectors always seemed to find something wrong with the arrangement; either the chickens clucked too loudly or there were one too many goats.

But I could think of no Emerald City counterpart to this cloven-hoofed oinker.

A few of the 4-H-ers noticed me photograph the animal with my cellphone and stomped across the barn in their cowboy boots for a better look.

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