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A glance at any mass of men in the heart of any assembly anywhere will satisfy the thinker that the largest part of the mass was predestined for a farmer's happy and noble life; and that the false philosophy of magazines has cheated it of its birthright. I shall now present a conjectural pedigree of John Shinn (1678-1711) as to his ancestry in England.

" is told so many imaginary stories by starving "penny-a-liners" about "success" and "how to rise" that he comes to believe farming the only business in which the word "success" is not known, and that a "change" in life is the beginning of the ever-vaunted "rise." If "poets" are God-made, there is equal, if not greater, reason to believe that "farmers" are fashioned for their work in the council chambers of eternity. She did give to Jane Mynt of Freckenham her daughter; to Agnes Shynne her daughter; and her residence to Thomas Blackbie, her son and executor. But rest came to him on the waters of the Assincunk, where a record of good deeds make a shaft more enduring than marble, and more honorable than an armory and crest.

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To write the history of a family is a task surrounded by many difficulties. Farmers' boys and girls, if they are sensible, will not try to rise from the farm, but on the farm. Morgan sought a broken-down railroad that he might make it a success. The recurrence of the word John burdens the investigation with difficulties almost insurmountable.

It is given to the family for their guidance and criticism. They left their children good farms, out of which, had a real philosophy been taught by the magazines and public opinion, they, too, might have harvested a greater wealth, a perfect health, more power and an equal happiness. Ferguson finds its Frisian counterpart to be Sinne. Kemble also gives "Shinfold" as one of the patronymics of Sussex. Sinningas, then, means descendants of Sinn or Sinna. It seems to say: "Go to Freckenham or Soham for the ancestor of John." 2.

The mark or boundary pasture land, and the arable land enclosed by it, are inseparable. The boundaries of the ancient marks have disappeared and are apparently lost. And at an earlier day than that which knew Herman Shinn the "Schynns" are found among the knights of Bohemia, engaged upon both sides of the struggle known as the "Hussite Wars." Bohemia was, in the days of Julius C‘sar, in possession of the Suevi, two of whose tribes were the Semnones and the Boii.

In it resides a community of persons, headed by a chief, independent of every other mark or community in the territory. Bold chiefs with their followers found foothold on English shores, and planted the organization of the Page 9mark along the entire Eastern, and almost across the entire Southern border of England. But it is believed by Kemble, that it is possible to reconstruct the ancient marks of England, as surely and successfully as comparative anatomy reconstructs an extinct species of animal. The Cenni were the leading subtribe of the Semnones, and their descendants may still be traced in the "Sens" and "Senns," shepherds in the Alps. 15.) Schennynes included in new grant of lands to Earl John in 1566. 1664 John, son of Francis and Alice Shin, baptized.

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The farm lad, fitted for his place, and happy in his environment, is treated to picture and pun upon "hayseed" and "yawp! "Will of Edward Sheene of Wymondham in Norfolk, Gent. The gates of a prison closed upon him, and Hertfordshire has left no other monument to his name.

Samuel Grant Oliphant, of Baltimore, Md.; to James Thornton Shinn, of Philadelphia, Pa.; to A. The premeditated assault which these "literary" periodicals make upon a virtuous life by thousands of lines adulatory of "Captains of Success" is the Nation's plague. But whether there as citizen in business, or refugee for conscience sake, he failed to find peace.

J., and other places; the records of wills, deeds, administration papers, court minutes and marriage license records, so far as they refer to the name Shinn, were all transcribed by him and forwarded to me as a supplement to the church records prepared by Mr. Both these gentlemen have passed away, but their work appears in every line of this history for the period 1678-1800. Kirk Brown, of Baltimore, I am indebted for transcripts of the Minutes of Friends' Meetings at Goose Creek, Crooked Run, Hopewell, Warrenton and Fairfax. Jobes sent an abstract of the deed records of Monmouth and Ocean Counties. Willit Shinn has gone among the living and obtained private records, which I could not obtain. It is a birds-eye view of the movements of a family, of which you are a part. The word has been flippantly defined as "a boundary." This is its mere external form. At all events, the best Anglo-Saxon scholars give Shinn as the modern surname corresponding to the ancient patronymic "Sinningas." CHAPTER III. The exact date of the landing of the Shinns in England may never be determined. I am much interested to know that your researches show them to have Page 26been at Mildenhall as far back as 1560. MURKETT." This letter corroborates many of the ideas advanced in these chapters, and shows an unexpected relationship with the present Lord Nelson. Murkett's Collection Concerning the Manorial Families of Suffolk.

Change is not rising; although the "thrupence" writers vociferously aver it. "Will of Alice Blackbye of Multon, Suffolk, 1565, 24th of April P. The quotations from the many registers of Eastern England show that as early as the beginning of the16th Century the family was widely dispersed over many Counties.

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