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It’s about thinking of others and what motivates them. They begin to understand that in order to get something that they want that someone else has, they will have to give up something of theirs that the other person wants.

I’ve used it in my own life, and I’ve passed it along to football players in locker rooms and students in my classrooms. Even if they don’t know the word, they know what it means. As I talked with Vicky, I heard Lou Holtz once again.

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(Personally, I’d have recommended hiring 12 more woodcutters.) Ah, the good old days. Oh, no - not the nation whose college-age students insist that they be warned that the literary classic “Huckleberry Finn,” written more than 100 years ago, might contain language considered offensive by today’s standards.

(I find their sensitivity to objectionable language ironic, after hearing Parkland shooting “survivor” David Hogg, supposedly a spokesperson for today’s oh-so-bright young people, generously larding his talks with vulgarities.) But I didn’t realize how bad things had become until I heard the promo for the movie “Chappaquidick,” and the warning that it showed “historic smoking.” “Get the kids out of here, Martha! ” *********** Back in the 1970s, when Lou Holtz was at Arkansas, I bet I heard him speak a half-dozen times.

Its intention has been to help inform the football coach and the interested football observer on a wide variety of toovoking.

Depending on when you visit, it’s possible to see all sorts of craftsmen performing their trades just as they would have nearly 200 years ago, using the tools of the time.

I was just reading an article about the first steamboat in the Pacific Northwest.

See, despite what he might have told them otherwise, they should have known, for God’s sake, that he wasn’t going to apply himself!

That he wasn’t going to work at being a professional quarterback!

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