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I was also reading something called "Daedalus," which was a lot of scientists, six different smart guys, writing about how we handle a population of what is going to be 8 billion any second, and how we feed, how we balance the wilds, nature ...

I'm reading "Life on the Mississippi." I just missed him. If I could go back and change one thing, it would be ... I'd put us back to being smarter before we can have children. Either way, they're gonna be fantastically tough and hard and massively expensive. But it's a full-time gig — children, I think — it's a 24-hour job, certainly, for years.

So it's no wonder the fashionable legend had so much to share when she joined TODAY, waxing poetic on everything from the best breakfast foods (grits, bacon and "good, real bread") to the definition of real beauty.

I used to subscribe to other things, too, but The New York Times is all I can handle now. sometimes I make my own, but I like to have a nice, comfortable breakfast joint that I can go to, and they take care of me.

thanks :) I'm back hot and horny as ever the guy i meet turned out to be a pervert so i'm back in circulation again.

i guess i'm not ready for just a 1 on 1 relationship yet.

I am outgoing and fun, I'm a good time to be around, even better when I'm naked... I'm looking for serious relationships which basics will be respect and trust.

Man's attitude towards woman is very important for me.

My life is filled with simple pleasures and I'd like to share them with a special someone. I'm searching for an available man (not married), Black or White, over 50 years old, who has a kind heart, good credit, a sense of humor and big feet.

I'm freaked about doing this, so I don't know what I want or what I need or what I will do, so I'm just looking for sexual people fuck buddies that can help guide me, train me, show me what my bad girl is capable of.

I'm sort of net phobic, so send me a pic please if you want me to respond.

cute gal here looking for a cute guy that has my same interests and likes to try new things with new people. I'm looking for the only man with whom I will be happy.

Just looking for a man that is attractive, mentally stable, fun, and sexually experienced. I hope to find someone I can get naked with and be a bad girl!!!!

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