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"Counting alone does not allow you to say that management is doing what it is supposed to be doing," says Zuckerberg.

"The model we developed opened the door to that." Bald eagles are still rebounding in the United States following the banning around 1970 of DDT, an insecticide that mimics hormones and caused a fatal weakening of eggshells.

But what is the evolutionary background that allows the bald eagle to pull off these amazing maneuvers?

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They prefer to nest in tall trees along river and lake shorelines.

For example, other researchers have seen strong benefits for nests and birds protected from predators by fences, "but they did not necessarily account for predation of eggs in the unprotected nests," says Cruz.

"Overall, even if the protection registered as positive from looking only at the managed nests, it could be negative for the whole population." To straddle this hurdle, the researchers developed an analysis that looked at both nests and the overall eagle population.

We know that habitat preservation is not always enough.

When we talk about protecting areas, it's important to think about managing the species as well." Nearly 90 percent of visitors to a major national park highly valued the night sky and wanted the National Park Service to take steps to reduce light pollution.

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