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By Liew Chin Tong If Najib Razak remains the only Prime Ministerial candidate for Barisan Nasional in this coming general election, it would not be unthinkable to see the end of the BN era.Of course, some people might think that I make such a stand because I am from the Opposition, a fact that I do not deny as I want to see BN and Umno losing this election.Berita ini disahkan sendiri oleh Hizal menerusi ruangan Pancaindera di akhbar Utusan Online hujung minggu lepas.

Unless Umno removes Najib and puts up a new set of leaders, he is a liability for the party and the ruling coalition.It even reaches the stage when anyone who is with Najib is tainted by association.The non-Malay factor After Umno’s right turn in 2005, signified by Hishammuddin Hussein’s keris waving antics, non-Malay voters no longer voted for Umno.However, more importantly, I am merely describing the non-partisan political dynamics that I have been observing for quite some time. Unless very dramatic events happen to change the course of events in the next few months, Umno will walk into this election handicapped by these factors: Najib himself, no love from the non-Malays, and massive discontent over the economy.The Najib factor In the 2013 general election, Najib was an asset to Umno -BN.

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