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The Religious Technology Center (RTC), the corporation that controls L.

Ron Hubbard's copyrighted materials, sued to prevent a Post reporter from describing church teachings at the center of another lawsuit, claiming copyright infringement, trade secret misappropriation, and that the circulation of their "advanced technology" teachings would cause "devastating, cataclysmic spiritual harm" to those not prepared.

Scientology critics argue that only the term but not the practice was removed. This P/L does not cancel any policy on the treatment or handling of a SP." According to a book by Omar Garrison, HCOPL March 7, 1969, was created under pressure by the government of New Zealand.

To support this contention, they refer to "HCO Policy Letter of October 21, 1968" which says, "The practice of declaring people FAIR GAME will cease. Garrison quotes from the HCOPL, "We are going in the direction of mild ethics and involvement with the Society". Kember, Budlong Sentencing Memorandum - Undated, 1981).

When the enemy agent gives false data, those who believed him but now find it false kill him—or at least cease to believe him.

So the PR slang for it is 'Dead Agenting.'" The phrase comes from a misunderstanding of the chapter on espionage in The Art of War.

Featuring photos of the critics and claimed evidence of their personal wrongdoing (sometimes very vague, for example: "Documentation received by Religious Freedom Watch shows that [Kristi] Wachter paid an individual to carry out a specific project for her, and also instructed this individual to lie about what he was doing in case he was caught").

This allowed that those who had been declared enemies of the Church, called "suppressive persons" (SPs), "May be deprived of property or injured by any means... The wordings "May be deprived of property or injured by any means...

May be tricked, sued or lied to or destroyed", are not found in this reference.

According to the Church of Scientology, psychiatry has a long history of improper and abusive care.

The group's views have been disputed, criticized and condemned by experts in the medical and scientific community and been a source of public controversy.

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