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Recent attempts to schmooze West End producers, including Bill Kenwright, have come to nothing.

In the absence of a career in showbusiness, she has been reduced to trading on her name with a budget clothing range in New Zealand and posing naked for Playboy.

Certainly, she has found it difficult to find a man to match up to the charismatic, if controlling, Rod.

Rachel's desolation is compounded, say her friends, by the fact she had been hoping her marriage to Stoll would send out a message to Stewart that, after a string of disastrous relationships with unsuitable men, she was finally over their 1999 break-up.

Her wedding dress was a daring number designed to show off her enviable 36in legs.

The guest list included such A-list luminaries as Michelle Pfeiffer and Sharon Stone, and a palatial hotel overlooking the Pacific in northern California had been booked for the reception.

'This was meant to be the big break with Rod and the past,' a long-time friend of Miss Hunter told me.

'Rachel has spent most of the past ten years trying to define herself as someone other than just another of the many blonde former wives and girlfriends of Rod Stewart.

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