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Once signed, the band changed their name to Lacuna Coil after learning that a Greek band signed to Century Media had already claimed the name Ethereal.Adding new band members, Lacuna Coil began to tour, releasing their album in 1997.[9] side from providing vocals for Lacuna Coil, Scabbia has provided vocals with other musicians as duets, however, she has no plans to leave Lacuna Coil or perform strictly as a solo artist.In interviews, Root accused the band of being financially motivated and pursuing a more commercial musical direction, but also observed that he "wasn't really happy in that band anymore".Corey Taylor noted that the split initially put a strain on his and Root's relationship, which nonetheless was mended through channelling their frustrations into new Slipknot material.

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Root typically performed lead guitar in Stone Sour, although he sometimes played rhythm.

Prior to joining Slipknot, he worked as a screenprinter, waiter, and busboy.

He joined Slipknot in January 1999, replacing their original guitarist, Josh Brainard, who left the band during the recording of their self-titled album, reportedly after having fulfilled his recording duties.

Coti Zalati and Scabbia's relationship had lasted for ten years, ending in early 2004.[5] She is currently dating James Root from American based groups Slipknot and Stone Sour, who she began dating during their Ozzfest stint in 2004. She enjoys watching cooking programs on television and she says, "Emeril is the man." Some of her favorite bands include Depeche Mode, Linkin Park, Korn, Meshuggah, and In Flames.

The two claim that working in the music industry together helps to maintain their long distance relationship. She says you can find something interesting in every genre of music, so she listens to everything without any problems.

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