Samir nasri dating tatiana golovin

It would be FAR BETTER to tabulate this information, rather than try to explain it all in text form.

I have the same argument with newspaper sports writers, who so frequently have such adoration for their pristine prose that they inflict it onto all of us, when tabulating the information would be much more concise and readable.

(Someone needs to learn something about writing pertaining to the needs of the audience.) Furthermore, Golovin is now a French citizen, and in French, he name is spelled EXACTLY the same as it is in English.

(They don't use the Russian alphabet in France either.) And if she wants to spell it "Golovin", that IS the correct spelling, and any other way of spelling it is WRONG. Dale (in English, spelled that way, and no other way.) 72.1 , 28 June 2007 (UTC) DAW It is extremely tedious to read the extremely fine details, in the text, of her tennis career, including tournaments that we do not know about and do not care about.

What Fokker decided to do was to design a synchronization system between the engine and the machine gun, one which kept the gun from shooting the propeller off. We don't say "person X is dating John Smith, an African-American baseball player".

This also eliminated the danger of scattered machine-gun bullets from flying off at all sorts of random angles. (talk) , 1 July 2008 (UTC) I think that is is So Foolish to spell Russian as "russian".

It is not mere carelessness, but rather it is dastardly.

You need to go back to school, and if your native language isn't English, you need to study English all over again!

So, I have corrected the capitalization here in the discussion.Last month Golovin was all over famous soccer player Samir Nasri, but on June 8th, she was spotted at the Roland Garros men’s final with another man — basketball player Joakim Noah, son of former tennis star Yannick Noah.Not only was she seen with him, but It would all be simple if Tati broke up with Samir and found new boyfriend, but the story is more complicated.Arthur Weasley , 26 March 2007 (UTC) I think that it is very foolish, and a real waste of time and computer memory, to delve into all of that garbage about how to spell her surname (which version to use) in English and in the Russian alphabet. This is an English-language Wikipedia (or the English-language part, if you prefer), and there is NO reason whatever to insert Russian into it.By using the English Wikipedia, a person is indicating that he reads English, and on the converse, the vast majority of English readers do not read Russian, so they do not care and have no interest in Russian spellings.

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