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She adds that “it’s important” to remain on good terms with former lovers. Bill Oddie, who found fame in The Goodies, and, more recently, in a number of wildlife series, reckons it was about 15 years ago. I can feel executive producers’ hackles rising because they will say it is their job to interfere but, frankly, I don’t,” he says at the Chortle awards at the Café de Paris.“If you take a comedy show which is an interesting, off-the-wall idea, it has to be written by the people in it.Although her last relationship with the French radio star Mathieu Schreyer reputedly fizzled out because they were so seldom in the same country at the same time, Rosario Dawson, the American actress who is now dating the 55-year-old Danny Boyle, has no intention of relocating to London in the near future.“I’m back and forth splitting my time between England and LA,” the 33-year-old Sin City star, pictured, told me at the West End opening of the Royal Shakespeare Company’s production of Julius Caesar. I go to a lot of conventions, as I have a voting organisation I set up called Voto Latino, which is eight years old now, and so that is my main priority at the moment.” “I still act as well as doing the political stuff, but, on election year, I tend to focus on that,” she says.The starlet dished: “It’s not like we announced our relationship, so it’s not like we’re going to announce our breakup. He’s wonderful and we dated longer than people think we did.I respect Danny‘s privacy, so it’s not something we really talk about.” What a cool and straight forward explanation.You can’t bring in someone from outside and show it to focus groups.That move to start writing by committee, showing stuff to discussion groups, has become more commonplace.

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“It didn’t work on me,” the actor said at the New York premiere on Tuesday. It didn’t work on Rosario,” he said, referring to Rosario Dawson, who plays a hypnotist in the film.…I respect Danny's privacy, so it's not something we really talk about." PHOTOS: Heartbreaking Hollywood breakups The couple's May-December romance quietly came to an end earlier this month.And though the A-list pair rarely spoke about their romance in public, Dawson and the British director, 56, had nothing but good things to say about one another throughout the course of their relationship.Now that she has recovered from her Danny addiction, the starlet is totez ready to give us more deetz.While we thought they met while filming the upcoming thriller, Rosario revealed the estranged lovers have known each other for YEARS thanks to a flick project neither ended up doing.

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