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This is probably better than my rating is giving it credit for being. Good Girls Don’t Date Rock Stars is the second book in Codi Gary’s Rock Canyon series.

“Usually when Cinderella ditches the prince, she leaves behind a shoe.” This is a sweet story that I enjoyed reading. Both characters were well developed and very likable.

I went with the flow, however, and checked this one out because the porny librarian is the best of Find all of my reviews at: I logged on to the library website in order to request a copy of The River of Kings due to Chuck’s awesome review and discovered it was not yet available. Yeah, Gemma was just an awful person who needed an entire house with a living room full of fucking horses to fall on and crush her. The last thing either expected was to wake u Gemma Carlson is a young mother.

Being that I was on the porny library’s site, the recommendation pop-up window had suggestions that weren’t quite of such a literary variety as what I had originally asked for. I hated Gemma with a passion from page one until the very end. She is getting a child-free weekend in Vegas to attend a book event. To his surprise, he seems to want the girl that broke his heart.

Of course, he didn't expect it would lead to marriage, or a runaway bride! If they can make this marriage work by starting over, he stays. I picked this book out of all of the other recommended buy a ticket and also because this video . All that said, Rock Canyon continues to be a great world and, despite my disappointment with this book, I’m looking forward to reading more! The heroine wasn't even fit to raise a dog or kitten.

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I’ll keep it short and sweet and tell what worked (and did not work for me) so you can determine whether or not I read this wrong. The last thing either expected was to wake up married." he asked, his smile tight as he pulled the bag his way." A drunk Gemma sure is a fun Gemma, "I was just nervous," she said, leaning her chin on his chest as she smiled up at him. Naked." Travis doesn't really have any stealth returning things, "he approached her slowly, and with each step, her throat tightened more, cutting off her air. It just takes a while to go down," he said, smiling in the dark.When he stopped in front of her, he pulled something white and lacy from his pocket. "Usually when Cinderella ditches the prince, she leaves behind a shoe." Some of the conversations they have sure were entertainment for me: Still feeling his hardness inside her, she squirmed a little. Slipping out of her, he rolled to his side, and she reached out for him, protesting.Travis he can be playful, "be nice," she whispered against his lips.She pulled away and slipped her arms around her waist, mouthing. Travis's lips kicked up into a smile as he slid his hand down to where the older woman couldn't see and squeezed Gemma's butt, making her jump." I can't wait for the next book.

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