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album conceal a heavy message: They reveal the process required from an artist to enter the higher-ups of the music industry, which is ruled by an occult elite.Rihanna was discovered by music industry people when she was a teenager in Barbados and, quickly enough, she was sucked into the dark hole that is the music industry.For instance, her video Since then, Rihanna has become one of the best-selling artists of all time and, concurrently, her work has been used to push all kinds of agendas (as explained in my numerous articles about her). In a very symbolic matter, these videos depict Rihanna’s path to success and, as we’ll see, it is all about being initiated into an industry ruled by an occult elite.Rihanna’s album was preceded by the release of eight short videos that told an enigmatic story.When asked about Braille in her work, Rihanna stated: She then climbs upstairs onto the stage. The multiple reflections of Rihanna represent the splitting of her core personality into industry-made personas. On the desk are two horned heads (Baphomet) and a pyramid of sorts.Rihanna is in the offices of the higher-ups of the elite, where their true symbols are out in the open.

The boy and the girl merging into young Rihanna represent the concept of duality that is at the core of all occult transformative processes.is indeed “of so much substance” and it is true that most “people won’t understand” it.That is because it is coded with the occult language of the elite.After the destruction of one’s original self, the only thing that remains is that artificially created, black-dressed persona that is seen around the world, but that is pretty much dead inside.If you’ve read other articles on this site, you’ve probably noticed that this narrative (and the color codes accompanying it) have been used countless times, on countless young pop stars.

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