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The complete season was released on DVD on November 29, 2011.

The fourth season of The Amazing Race spanned 44,000 miles (71,000 km) across four continents with previously unfilmed locations in Netherlands and South Korea.

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After finding it, they had to dig in that spot in search of a set of keys for a snowmobile that would then drive them to their next clue.

This season's cast included a gay married couple, NFL wives, female models, clowns and air traffic controllers.

"NFL Wives" Monica and Sheree are respectively married to Ashley Ambrose and Ray Buchanan, both of whom played for the Atlanta Falcons the season before the television series was filmed.

In subsequent seasons, even if several teams arrived at the mat on the same time, a chronological order would be determined and the official check-in times for teams arriving simultaneously would be set a minute apart to avoid ties.

Oswald and Danny, and Uchenna and Joyce of The Amazing Race: All-Stars completed a Fast Forward together via the Intersection, so they were the exception to this rule.

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