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An intrepid scientific researcher went into the field to find out. He loves to play with her nipples, but she hates it. On the Magnum, how drunk does a straight boy have to be before he'll get it on with another guy?Dan consoles a man whose employee immediately slept with his ex-girlfriend, right after they broke up. On the Magnum, Dan chats (at length) with Michael Hobbes about his piece in the Huffington Post about gay loneliness.And speaking of gays, a gay man is intrigued but also nervous by the prospect of selling his used socks to a mysterious stranger.Stakes are high as 2 sisters who are neighbors trade spaces.Jerald and Hiyas couldn't afford their dream home, so they settled on a fixer upper across the street and called upon design experts Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent to help them create the kitchen of their dreams.

Check out this week’s menu and get your first 3 meals free by going to Blue On the Magnum, a woman, (like Dan) kind of hates cats. He lets it sleep with him, doesn't wash his hands after petting it, and won't alter this behavior. (The tech-savvy at-risk youth didn't have the heart to explain that we all sleep and cuddle with our cats on the regular. ) 206-302-2064 A young man living at home is getting blamed for his father's second divorce. A man is in a GREAT relationship with his girlfriend. Except when she gets drunk and verbally abuses him. On the Magnum, Dan chats with identical twin, queer, pop-star heart-throbs, Tegan and Sara about online dating, and what to do with that bottle of conditioner your ex left behind in the shower. Thank goodness for Linda, his mother-in-law who is there to help. How can our caller carve out some Linda-free time to fuck his wife already?A woman in an open marriage has started to see a woman. For the modern dater, online profiles have become just as important as what you see in person.In each episode, Clinton and Devyn unearth the rationale behind the photo and status update choices for each unlucky, online dater and then help them transform their look and online presence.Clinton takes each woman for a style makeover that better represents her whole personality - whether it is a mom looking to dress more conservatively or an introvert looking to express herself better through a new wardrobe.

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