Reese witherspoon dating two guys

Even though you may feel lucky in this situation, you are now responsible for one of these guys’ happiness… I think we may have something to learn from Reese Witherspoon’s role in the movie .

If you find that you’re more comfortable being yourself around one guy, you should choose him.[Check out: How to keep a conversation going with the opposite sex] #11 Who can you sit in comfortable silence with?While having great conversation can be a big deal, finding someone that you don’t have to say anything around is equally as important.[Check it out: 16 easy ways to respect yourself in a relationship] #14 Don’t ask for anyone’s help.You may want to call a meeting with your gal pals in order to discuss who is better for you, but the problem is that your friends don’t know how you feel. In the long run, you want a man who can make you feel safe and comfortable.

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