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Later, Heather revealed that Hayden’s mother, Naomi, had an affair with Jeff Webber back in the day and realized that Hayden is his child — making her Elizabeth’s sister! Hamilton Finn and helped him deal with his drug problem.

After contracting the same disease that was killing him, they were finally cured and began a relationship.

He quickly reassured her that would not be the case, adding jokingly, "I've been engaged a lot."He's kidding—mostly.

So there's every chance that one day Hayden will come waltzing back into Finn's life with their child.

Months later, Hayden awoke from her coma but didn’t remember anything, and Nikolas wanted to keep it that way.

But Hayden’s memories returned and the truth was finally revealed.

But the character woke up a couple months after that and was making a new life in Port Charles.

Sadly, that all about came to an end when her past caught up with her and she made her escape.

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