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It's true, too—his fiancée, Jessica Canyon, Instagrammed a photo of the happy couple post-proposal four weeks ago.

Hayden even had a fake marriage certificate to con Jake/Jason!Later, Heather revealed that Hayden’s mother, Naomi, had an affair with Jeff Webber back in the day and realized that Hayden is his child — making her Elizabeth’s sister! Hamilton Finn and helped him deal with his drug problem.After contracting the same disease that was killing him, they were finally cured and began a relationship.In it, Hayden apologized for taking the coward's way out and hoped he would find someone who truly deserved him.She also told him that she had lost the baby, but in a flashback shot of Hayden writing the letter, after glancing at her new passport with the name Madison Ford, she stood up to reveal that she was still very much pregnant!

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    1996 legte Dushku eine zweijährige Pause ein, um ihren Highschool-Abschluss an der Watertown Highschool zu machen. Als sie aber die Rolle der Faith Lehane in Buffy – Im Bann der Dämonen und später als Nebendarstellerin in Angel – Jäger der Finsternis erlangte, entschloss sie sich, es vorerst zu verschieben, um sich ganz ihrer Filmkarriere zu widmen.

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    Sometimes, we may not feel ready to write the next line or scared of what the previous chapter meant.

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    Although many parts of Ireland have been urbanized, the matchmaking tradition is far from a dying art.

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