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In this character it achieved a certain success, and went out of print. Nor can wo here touch upon his friendship with the two Miss Blounts. [See Moncure Conway's Centenary History of South Tlacc Society, 1804.] Adams, Thomas, fi. In 1895 the publishers decided to re- issue it with sucl Trevision and supplement as might serve to bring it down to the present date. His next published works of any importance, after the Tcmph of Fame, are the Ekffi/ to the Memory of an Unfortunate Lady, whoso identity is one of the vexed questions of his biography ; the Epistle of Eloisa to Ahclard ; and (with Arbuthnot and Gay) the farce of Three Hours oftcr Marriage, which proved a failure on the stage. Not much significance CJin bo attached to his edition of Sha Jcespcave, 1725, little better than that subsequently published by Johnson.

Passages from the plays of Davenant, Killigrew, Howard," •' and Mrs. But the main attack was directed against Dryden, whose peculiarities, literary and per-- ^ sonal, were remorselessly mimicked in the character of ' Eayes '— T Buckingham, it is said, taking infinite pains to teach Lacy the acto V -■ to accurately copy the appearance and gestures of the author satir- ' izcd. is occupied with Eaphael's narrative of the creation of the world. — Adam's enquiries of Eaphael concerning celestial motions are met by the reply : — ' So Ucit not thy thoughts with matters hid, Leave them to God above, him serve and fear.' Adam relates to the angel all he remembers since his creation, and Eaphael, after admonition, loaves him. — Satan returns into Eden as a mist and enters into the Berpent. 504, has a good article.] Beddoes, Thomas Iiovell, 1803-1849. He has also verified and in part re-written the different Appendices ; that entitled ' Dictionary of Minor Authors' — always regarded as a valuable feature — has indeed been completely remodelled, and has received such material additions that it now contains nearly five hundred names. It will be remembered that Drydon's Mac Fhcknoe, ' without dispute, Through all the realms of Nonsense absolute,' '-igncd his empire to Shadwell, who later ousted Drydcn from tlio laurcateship. In all this the existing scheme of the book has been closely adhered to ; and the original ' Introduction,' which, as before, correctly describes its scope and purpose, is there- fore, with a few verbal alterations, still retained. Pope's Dunciad, founded to some extent upon the earlier satire, tikes up tho succession at the death of Lawrence Ensden, Shadwc H's third successor, and describes the elevation of Theobald to tho vacant throne at tho hands of tho Goddess of Dulness. His powers in this direction had already been partially manifested in his prologues and epilogues, and acci- dent determined his adoption of this branch of poetry. Adam iind Eve are nevcrlholoss expelled from Paradise by the angel 3liehael, who afterwards takes Adam to a high hill and phows hira in vision what shiil! — The angel, continuing liis prophetic narrative, ex- plains to Adam who that Christ shall be whose ' God-like act' ' Shall bruise the head of Satan, crush his strength, Defeating Sin and Death.' Adam, much comforted by the relation, is then led with Eve out of Paradise by Michael.* ' High in front aclvanc't, The brandish"t sword of God before them blaz'd. And vapour as the Libyan air adust, Began to parch that temperate chme ; whereat In either hand the hast'ning angel caught Our ling'ring parents, and to th' eastern gate Led them direct, and down the c Uf E as fast To the subjected plain ; then disappeared. 57.) Coleridge pronounces the work to be ' in its kind the most perfect poem extant.' There is no doubt that Milton's consummate art in its descriptive power is here developed in its highest form. (Elizabeth, James I.) tn Mctajnorphosis of Tobacco, 1 602 (anon. During the preceding period appeared some of his courtly panegyrics, — his Annua Mirabilii, most of his plays; indeed all liis rhyming tra- THE AGE OF MILTON AND Dn VDEN. To the subspquent period belong his best dramas, — All for Love, The Spanish Friar, and Sebastian, — his satires, his translations, his didactic poems, his fables, and his odes.'* It is with his satires that we have next to deal. Adam, aftor bewailing his lost con- dition, exhorts Eve to seek, witli him, their peace with God. — The Son of God intercedes with His Father on behalf of suppliant Man, whose prayers are, therofore, accepted.

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