Radiocarbon dating marine sediments

The bottom line is that scientists cannot reliably use radiocarbon dating on artifacts beyond the time of Christ.

The method they use to attempt to do so is twisted to fit evolutionary theory.

This latest system of dating developed by intcal, an international working group, was based on dating coral samples from the ocean floor.

intcal extended radiocarbon dates beyond the limit of dendrochronology by basing it on "matched uranium series and radiocarbon dates on fossil corals, coupled with radiocarbon-dated organic material from laminated marine sediments in the Cariaco Basin, Venzuela" (Mike Walker, ). They apparently increased the effectiveness of radiocarbon dating by basing their calibration charts on radiocarbon-dated coral and sediment layers!

"Fancy statistical treatments" that didn't even resolve all of the discrepancies?

Once the "clock" starts, there is no gain or loss in radiocarbon elements used in dating. In coral, the carbon-14 decay rate is not stable; it picks up radioactive isotopes over time.

In other words, the clock's hour hand doesn't move consistently. "[P]roblems arising from past variations in the marine reservoir and also possible errors in the counting of laminated sediments mean this part of the calibration curve is less secure than that based on tree-ring records," says Quartenary Dating Methods.

So scientists made calibration charts to make up for the variation.

But they still have to verify their calibrations with samples of known dates. Radiocarbon dates can only be trusted up until the record left by trees can back them up.

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