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'But after a successful procedure, aside from possibly seeing a cardiac rehabilitation nurse, there is little need for return visits.' 'So many people want to know this - but only a few ask! 'The answer is usually "much earlier than you might think".Ray Brooks isn't your average Santa-for-hire come Christmas.Most cardiologists appreciate this and will help you get a second opinion.' 'Patients are often fearful of asking about their chances of survival,' says Dr Simpson, 'but finding out the success rates of your procedure and comparing statistics in your hospital to those nationally will help to ensure you get the best treatment.' 'This is a valid question, but a lot of patients feel silly about asking it,' says Dr Simpson.'There are different guidelines on the risks of flying with a heart condition, but a new study entitled fit to fly will be published later this year.With the help of leading consultants, we've put together the top ten questions to ask your cardiologist...'We often see patients with minor complaints, such as palpitations,' says Dr David Hildick-Smith, a cardiologist at Brighton and Sussex University hospital NHS trust.

'If mum or dad give me a look I might say "Maybe, we'll have to see if it Santa can fit that into the sleigh and if it doesn't make fit, we might have to decide on something else".''I don't make promises that children will get the present they ask for.'As well as Mr Brooks' community work, he's also set up a special Santa postbox and said he gets a lot of letters, all of which he takes time to answer personally.

For the past six years, the 58-year-old has played the role of Santa.

He's been a store Santa for some big retailers including Kmart but his real passion is starring as Santa in his own Santa Wonderland event - a fundraiser he holds in the backyard of his home.

Depending on the age and stage of the child, especially if they're a pre-teen, it's likely their belief in Santa is starting to waver.

If this is the case, Mr Brooks said he will say he's one of Santa's helpers, and the 'real Santa lives in the North Pole.'Often though, he'll take his cue from parents standing nearby who will give him a look that will let him know whether or not it's okay for him to say he's the real Santa.

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