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Among these, he said there have been some heartbreaking requests, especially if a child has lost a parent.'There are those letters where kids say they haven't got a mum or a dad or this time last year my dad died - things like that really hit home.

'It's really hard, but if those children come to my yard when I am dressed up as Santa, I take those children under my wing and spend as long with them.'There have been also times when Mr Brooks said he's been asked by a child if he can bring a parent back.'Most of the time I say "Sorry I can't bring your mum or dad back" then I go on to say that all of these lights in my yard represents someone special and your mum or dad is one of these shining lights.' Because Mr Brooks hosts this event from his home, his three dogs take part - which usually sparks off a request for a pet, generally puppies.

'they want to wait until they feel unwell before committing to a procedure, but without treatment there's a risk of dying.

I have to be brutally honest about the dangers, as it's crucial patients realise the risks.' 'It's vital to know how experienced your cardiologist is and what back-up facilities are on site,' says Dr Hildick-Smith.

But knowing the risks and benefits of various options can help you get the best treatment.For the past six years, the 58-year-old has played the role of Santa.He's been a store Santa for some big retailers including Kmart but his real passion is starring as Santa in his own Santa Wonderland event - a fundraiser he holds in the backyard of his home.Depending on the age and stage of the child, especially if they're a pre-teen, it's likely their belief in Santa is starting to waver.If this is the case, Mr Brooks said he will say he's one of Santa's helpers, and the 'real Santa lives in the North Pole.'Often though, he'll take his cue from parents standing nearby who will give him a look that will let him know whether or not it's okay for him to say he's the real Santa.

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    However, the chances are that your point will be lost if you rely on these alone.

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    Whatever you do, don’t use the introduction as a test.