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Controlling women like this believe they know what’s best for their men and will begin selecting the clothes you wear, choosing what movies you’ll watch and deciding what you should or shouldn’t eat.They will tell you when you can go out, when you can invite the guys over to watch the game and will even call you 10-15 times per day to keep track on what you’re doing, who you’re with and where you’re going next with each call.The psychopath does what he wants, regardless of the effect on others.It’s important to note that not all psychopaths are the same, meaning that there is a spectrum of psychopathic traits.

shaming you for your thoughts, actions, every time you voice an opinion and will never try to understand your views. She makes paranoid assumptions If another woman calls you on the phone, even if it’s your boss or a female relative, she loses it, and goes into the grand questioning.

They are frustrating and confusing to interact with, and it is extremely challenging to have a romantic relationship with them.

At the most severe end of the psychopathic spectrum, the psychopath has no conscience at all.

Pathological lying The frequency and depth of lies with the psychopath is mind-blowing.

The psychopath can manufacture a lie out of thin air, so quickly that you almost automatically believe him.

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