Pros and cons of dating online

Pro: You get a “digest” on a daily basis of potential matches.

Con: If you aren’t in someone’s “ideal” categories, they may never see you.

You have to look at the pros and cons of online dating.

Pro: Over 40 million people have tried online dating.

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Every picture you post is allowing people to form a certain opinion of you. When you are ready to meet up with someone, once again you are in charge of whether you are really ready to meet them or if you don’t want to meet them.From day one you are in charge of almost everything that happens.From the minute you put up a profile picture to the moment you decide to meet up with this person for the first time.For the busy individuals this not only saves time by ‘weeding out’ unqualified suitors but also serves to link you up with those who might interest you and you are willing to get to know a little bit better.Before social media one way you got to know someone was asking those who knew him/her about his/her character and personality.

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