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After dinner he decided to take Kippers for a walk around the block a few times rather than just letting him into the yard.

Perhaps he would get a glimpse of the new neighbors if they had arrived yet.

It seemed like mostly inane stuff to him, probably inside jokes and movie references.

He did catch a name though, it would have been hard to miss the giant pink scrawl We will miss you Kali.

Its backseat was piled with boxes and baskets but no one was around outside.

In the street was a beat up looking blue Fiesta that was garishly covered in bumper stickers, obviously driven by a teenager.

He walked his dog down toward the street to peruse the Fiesta a moment, while Kippers dutifully pulled him right to it so he could eagerly sniff around its tires to see where else it had been.

The moving truck was being unloaded by some guys in uniforms. He hastily searched the piles of papers, boxes and equipment strewn around his work station until his eyes finally picked out the long black strap attached to his binoculars and he snatched them up.

Unfortunately they were the cornerstone of a small tower of clutter, which tumbled to the floor unnoticed.

The car was covered in bumper stickers whose subjects varied from anti-government political statements, crude jokes, metal bands to warning fellow commuters not to cut her off.

On the hood someone had painted a mural of a dark wizard in black and purple robes holding the chain leash of a bright multi-colored dragon.

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