Polygamist dating rules

He was also charged, though not convicted, on counts of incest and rape himself.

How it came to be: In the early 20th century, the FLDS church splintered off from the mainstream Mormon faith and took up shop in the twin border towns of Colorado City, Ariz., and Hildale, Utah.

It started as early as the 1830s, when founder Joseph Smith started teaching the practice as a heavenly thing to do.

Fun facts: Along with a minimum of three wives, in order to grant yourself a heavenly pass, all families must practice FLDS, marriages must be arranged by the prophet, and, at the end of your life, the prophet has to give his approval for you to enter heaven. How it came about: The prophet Rulon Jeffs, Warren Jeffs's father, made the phrase popular in the early '90s, and it meant to fill yourself with the Holy Spirit.

And lastly, they're trying to get the attention of very important NYC fashion designers who might model their fall shows after the looks*.(*I made that up, sorry.) How it came to be: In a small community where men are marrying a couple of women and there are only so many folks to choose from, the problem is that they might be related to some of those women.

And way before that, some of the poly communities even held dances and socials to bring the community together.How it came to be: While it's not required, at least three wives is the ideal number to have in order to reach the highest level of heaven.In terms of when polygamy was introduced, that goes way back to the founding of Mormonism.There are a lot of misconceptions about the FLDS community.A lot of people mistakenly lump FLDS polygamists in with the LDS Mormon faith.

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    For more details and some Real Life tidbits, visit Useful Notes On Polyamory.