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The endings of words in a document will often differ from what you find in this list.

For example, the document may use the word starego (old), but you will find it in this word list as stary (old).

Adjectives used to describe them must have the proper masculine, feminine, or neuter endings, for example: stary mąż-- old man stara kobieta-- old woman stare miasto-- old city The endings of past tense verbs also change depending on the gender of the person or thing being described or performing the action.

For example: umarł -- he died umarła-- she died umarło-- it [the child] died In Polish, as in English, the forms of some words will vary according to how they are used in a sentence.

This app is designed for rapid learning of vocabulary and phrases.

For learning grammar thoroughly (such as tenses and verb conjugations) the best option is to attend a language course ideally in a country where the language is spoken. Language you can compare over 10000 reviews of language courses & programs worldwide.

The following books and English-Polish dictionaries can also aid you in your research. (FHL book 491.85321 K847e.) Pogonowski, Iwo Cyprian. (FHL book 491.85321P751p.) Another valuable research tool for reading records of the former Russian territories of Poland is: Frazin, Judith R.

You can find these and similar material at many research libraries: Kierst, W. Practical Polish-English, English-Polish Dictionary. A Translation Guide to the 19-century Polish-language Civil-registration Documents: (Birth, Marriage and Death Records). Northbrook, Illinois: The Jewish Genealogical Society of Illinois, 1989.

To read the Russian language records of this same area after 1868 use: books.google.de/books Shea, Jonathan D. (FHL book 943.8 D27.) The Polish Genealogical Word List published by the Family History Library is available at Family Search: Research Helps.Certain endings, called genitive, give the meaning "of" to a word.The following endings are typical: Nouns Endings Adjectives -a (masculine) -ego -y or -i (feminine) -ej -ów (plural) -ich or -ych Thus, ojciec zmarłego means "father of the deceased." Plural forms of Polish words usually change the singular word as follows: Words ending in -a change to -y Words ending in -o change to -a A -y or -i is added to form the plural The plural form may change the basic word, for example: The Polish language is highly inflective.This means that words may have different grammatical endings, depending on their usage.Personal names and name of places, like other words, are inflected. (FHL film 1,045,473, item 1) Additional dictionaries are listed in the Subject section of the Family Search Catalog under: POLISH LANGUAGE - DICTIONARIES Other dictionaries and language helps, such as Polish grammar books, are listed in the Locality section under: POLAND - LANGUAGE AND LANGUAGES To find and use specific types of Polish records, you will need to know some key words in Polish.

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