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We only caution that you avoid the bullets seated flush or close to flush with the case mouth for use in a lever-action rifle.

They will not feed and the rifle will think it’s been stocked with empty cases.

It may run higher by a few cents depending on your area. Stock up when you can, but don’t be a neckbearding hoarder about it. Colt M4 Expanse Sure, there are other rifles out there like the Tavor, Galil, Steyr AUG, Ruger Mini-14, the SIG MCX and hundreds of AR-15 variants, but a Colt M4 Expanse is a sub-0 rifle made by the company that put the AR on the map.

You can get quality rifles from your manufacturer of choice, but the key is to get one chambered in 5.56.

Average street price hovers around 20 to 25 cents a round.

We like Century’s AKs, whether it is the RAS-47 or one of the Yugoslavian imports (although those rifles lack chrome lined bores).

Whether it is military surplus ammunition, Winchester White Box, or remanufactured ammo, 9mm is here to stay, and prices are reflecting this.

Having gone through numerous “rifle scares” and “panic buying sprees” over the past 30 years, I visited a gun shop that had several cases of 5.45 marked down to . The price of ammunition has definitely increased since then, and it is on par with the 7.62X39 in the 20 to 25 cents range.Military surplus ammunition is still relatively cheap, at just south of 30 cents a round.for the “international community” (read Jew-enabled NATO) to bomb the nuclear threat out of Iran (and thousands of Iranian civilians as well) so that a Greater Israel can move beyond the Euphrates.If your main rifle is a lever action, you can substitute the 10/22 for a Henry or if ARs are you thing, the S&W MP15/22 might be more to your liking.Maybe you roll with a bolt gun; we are partial to the Savage Mk II.

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