Plesk disk usage not updating

This video will demonstrate how easy it is to adjust the disk space quota for any account in your WHM panel. The disk space quota is the total amount of hard drive space allocated on the server for an account.The disk space quota is usually set in a package that is assigned to the account when the account is created.

To avoid this, it is recommended that you create a new package with the new settings, then switch the package for the account to this new package instead of modifying the quota here.

With this very module, your customers will be allowed to remotely manage their FTP accounts, backups, databases, mailboxes, spam filters, DNS settings and plenty other aspects.

They will be also offered easy to use Application Installer and Installatron plugin which will raise the capability to install all favorite applications in just a few clicks.

Let your customers enjoy simple and intuitive yet supremely efficient management of their accounts.

Order Plesk Extended For WHMCS and enter a completely new level of providing web hosting services.

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