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Two weeks ago I discovered another fansite in the net.

On this website there are hundreds of recordings of Luxembourg night programmes from the sixties until 1991, including some Dutch recordings, all between 30 and 90 min.

one of my listeners remembers 208 and asked me if i could find a song that she said was used for close down[dont know the year] it has the following lyrics " a long lonely road we travel dont know where we're going" i know this is a long shot but thanks again for the memories tommy murphy Ballina, Ireland (02/10/2011) 805.

Lars Erik Hanhart Bergqvist Stockholm, Sweden (29/09/2011 803.

He answered that I am very welcome indeed: In the day- or in the night time.At closing time they played "Maybe the morning" by Sunny Leslie.Great site, brought back good memories for me growing up in the 50's and 60's.This was the first time I was there during the whole night from eight o' clock in the evening till almost four o' clock at night.And of course Benny Brown was reading the news that night.

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