Persistence pays off dating

The girl I'm showing my persistence to is responding positively and I think our relationship is going somewhere.

This baffles me, because weren't we all taught to respect women?

Now, the difference between a stalker and an admirer, is that an admirer is persistent AND listens to, and cooperates with the women he admires.

Deep down, I still believe that people are not possessions, and I admit that I feel uncomfortable being persistent, but after seeing results I wonder if I should continue this method. Is there anything wrong about being persistent as long as it works in your favor?A person who is willing to play a little game of cat and mouse in the romantic sense, is not the same psycho who does drive by checks to see if the person of their desire has a strange car in their drive ways.If you are SURE that you are getting a positive response, then yes, continue.There is a world of difference between being persistent, and a stalker.There's even a big difference between being persistent, and being annoying.

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