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never got within hailing distance of a second season, that didn’t stop Paul Feig and Judd Apatow from imagining what might become of their characters in a further future.“I would keep my own private notes as the season went along,” says series creator Paul Feig, “but there was never a time when we sat around a table and said, ‘Let’s plan Season Two.’ It was really more just ‘Hey, it would be funny if’ or ‘This would be cool.’ But we so knew the writing was on the wall: We never got too deep into it, because we never thought it was going to happen.”One thing he knew for sure was that, had the show gone on, his kids wouldn’t have stayed in high school forever.“It was going to become much more of a story of a small town and who gets out and who doesn’t.” And he still dreams of turning the series into a stage musical.’Cause that was a real option for so many people in my school—but he would be desperately trying to avoid it.But I was never quite clear exactly what direction we were going to go with Nick.Having lost Kim, there would be a weirdness between them. Kim Kelly (Busy Philipps)I wanted Kim Kelly to be pregnant, but it wasn’t necessarily going to be Daniel’s.

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I left my car at the bar last night.” So I was really excited to get that going, this weird kind of taking-care-of-an-adult relationship, while he’s still learning amazing stuff from her, this tortured drama-teacher soul.But there wasn’t a strong direction I had for her; I just knew she’d probably end up at some point in her twenties in Greenwich Village as a performance artist, and after that she’d probably become a lawyer—a human-rights lawyer.Sam Weir (John Francis Daley)Sam’s future was going to be drama club.I thought he’d be more on the stage crew than actually performing, just because that was kind of interesting, the guys that were keeping it together from behind the scenes.But my drama teacher, who was one of the biggest influences on my life creatively, was an alcoholic, and over the course of my sophomore through senior year, she got worse and worse and started depending on me.

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