Overly accommodating meaning cydia not updating

The bottom line is they’re all about taking care of everyone else and seldom care for themselves.As you can imagine, this will eventually wear anyone down.Without this built in break you are likely to give your knee jerk response of yes. With close friends and family you can even tell them about the 24 hour rule because you are working on not spreading yourself too thin and saying no. Think of it as an exchange that maintains balance; you can exchange “this’ for “that” but you cannot do both If you struggle with saying no, chances are you don’t want to be mean and often think it’s no big deal to help. When you say no, it is an act of self-care that leaves you with more energy and less fatigue and resentment. CHALLENGE: Begin to play with the idea of no being a gift.Incorporate some of the rules above beginning with easier no’s with the safest people and expanding to the more difficult no’s with the more difficult people.Or maybe you want to build up credit for accommodating that you might use later.(This technique can backfire if you end up with a reputation for not standing your ground.Motto: "Whatever." The accommodating style is one of sacrifice, selflessness and low assertiveness.

At work they may agree to stay long hours for their boss even though they have plans.

They often begin to feel run down, depressed, resentful, anxious and even sick.

Care-taking though is a part of who they are and if they stop doing it, they often begin to feel bad about themselves.

Good luck…and if you don’t want to do this challenge…JUST SAY NO!

In a codependent relationship, it can be difficult to speak up because you might be nervous that you are asking too much.

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