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It would be for a one-year renewable agreement to perform passenger traffic studies and help airport officials in making marketing pitches to airlines.The vote was 5-0, with one member absent.“They will help us to get the data analysis, message it properly, and connect us where we need to get connected to get those wins we know we deserve,” Giardino told board members before the vote.Cambridge Analytica is the political research firm which helped target ads for Donald Trump's successful 2016 presidential campaign.On Monday, Facebook will begin notifying users if they were one of the as many as 87 million people whose data was obtained by the Trump-linked political research firm Cambridge Analytica.Y., with Will Berchelmann, the primary contact at CMT who would be leading the Newport News work.(Giardino was executive director of the Rochester airport before coming to Newport News last fall.)Giardino said he recused himself from the initial selection process — which he said was done by Melissa Cheaney, the airport’s assistant executive director, and Jessica Minor, the airport’s finance and administration manager.“Those are the passengers where we feel like they should be ours.

“We want to enter into a relationship with someone who knows us and we can call on.”Such a service might be a bit pricier than in the past.

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Cheaney also told the board that CMT was the best fit. They went six steps deeper to look at our populations and industries and tourism.”The firm provided technical graphics and “slam dunked it,” she said.

“They were all highly qualified, but CMT provided that detailed analysis,” she said. Giardino said he wants CMT to do a “catchment study” and a “leakage study” to give updated numbers on what cities and counties the airport’s passengers come from — and what proportion are “leaking” to competing airports.

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