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In 1874, Marysville Butter Tub and Spoke Company was incorporated with ,000. Many carriage manufacturing companies were placed in Marysville, including Bauer, Schepper & Devine in 1882, City Carriage Works in 1871, and L. Large mills in Richwood included Beem and Biddle, Loveless, Howe, and Bishop, and S. Tourists from all over the world visited the springs and stayed at resorts such as "The Park" and "The Columbus". James Wallace Robinson was a native of Union County and went on to become a U. Hylas Sabine graduated from Harvard in 1863 and practiced law in the county. Joseph Kennedy was admitted to the bar in 1871 and would become mayor of Marysville. Fairbanks was admitted to the bar in 1874 and went on to become a United States Vice President.A wool company, Woodbury & Welsh, constructed a brick factory on the northeast part of town in 1864, and a brewery was built in 1866 on the eastside. "The Park" was home to the "Sager Sanitarium Bath". Publishing exerted great influence over public opinion in the county in its early days. The paper would eventually be purchased by the Shearer family, who published daily editions that were Republican-leaning, and weekly editions that were independent.After some banking laws were passed and the production of the county grew, currency gained value in trade, including paper, gold, and silver, and banks were permanently established in the county. The Citizens Home and Savings Company was incorporated in 1889 with a million dollars in capital, located in the Liggett Building in Marysville. In 1890 the Union Banking Company of Marysville was organized in Marysville by Snider, Asman, David, and Sellers. A recorded 14 soldiers from the revolution eventually made their way to Union County, with many others unrecorded because of poor record keeping.

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In 1842 the paper moved to Bellefontaine and was edited by Thomas Robb, with the paper sent weekly to Marysville. In 1845 the paper was sold to James Alexander, and after only six weeks, sold back to John Cassil, who turned the paper back into a Democrat political newspaper. The "Union Press" was formed in 1858 by Hylas Sabine and Republican-leaning. Kenton, later becoming the "Union County Journal" and leaned Democratic.

Marysville's industrial roots can be traced back to many early companies. Medical societies included the Union County Medical Association.

Among those were the Marysville Pearlash Factory, an ashery founded in 1848, which by 1874 was the largest in the United States. There were large tile manufactures, and a plethora of commercial and industrial interests including jewelers, furniture retailers, and lumber yards. King, who graduated from Bellevue Hospital College in New York, Dr. Union County was home to many notable jurists in its early history, including John F.

The state bank issued currency in the early periods known as "red dogs," "wildcats," and other currencies which passed through the county, with the book the "Bank Detector" published weekly to inform consumers of exchange rates of these currencies.

Gold and silver was of little value in the early days, and what banks were formed usually failed. The Farmers Bank of Union County was established in 1868 on the Robinson block just east of the public square in Marysville, and by 1904 had merged with the Union Banking Company of Marysville.

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