Nudist family self pic

A sunny day with nudists, a video story about the culture of family nudism in high quality HD.

Journée ensoleillée avec nudistes, histoire vidéo sur la culture du naturisme familial en haute qualité HD.

Can a person revoke their consent retroactively when it comes to a photograph?

If I consent to be photographed naked, and tell my partner he's the only one who has permission to look at that photo, and then he goes and shows it to all his friends*, isn't that a breach of my consent?

Could anybody taking pictures of naked minors just say that they were clothing optional family photos?

Obviously, even ignoring nudist colonies, pictures of semi-clothed children are probably not uncommon for parents to have (12 is probably older than would be typical to be fair).

What if we break up a week after the photo is taken and I tell him I no longer agree to allow him to possess it - am I just out of luck?

In a day before digital photography I could have asked for the physical copy back, but even if he swears he deleted it there could be a dozen, or a hundred, or a thousand** copies of that photograph on the internet by the end of that week.

Juries decide facts like this at trials all the time.

Does what a person does with a picture (privately I mean, not like posting it online or what have you) cause a person 'harm'?

Lets say a person had a picture of their ex (taken with consent at the time) that they looked at to get off, would that be some kind of sexual assault because (presumably) the person who originally made the picture would likely no longer be ok with it)?

One of my friends posted a picture on Facebook (in part of an album) of her three-year-old daughter lying on a bed with her husband, who was smiling and holding a drink. I know it was entirely innocent but in a different context it would have looked extremely dodgy!

I almost thought of warning her she might want to remove it - she's from a different culture which probably isn't as paranoid about these things.

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