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Does what a person does with a picture (privately I mean, not like posting it online or what have you) cause a person 'harm'?Lets say a person had a picture of their ex (taken with consent at the time) that they looked at to get off, would that be some kind of sexual assault because (presumably) the person who originally made the picture would likely no longer be ok with it)?Could anybody taking pictures of naked minors just say that they were clothing optional family photos?Obviously, even ignoring nudist colonies, pictures of semi-clothed children are probably not uncommon for parents to have (12 is probably older than would be typical to be fair).» Ass & Bootie Picture Post » Xposing Self Pic Forum » Formal Dress Pic Forum » Feet & Foot Fetish Picture Forum » Sleeping Sexy Beauties » BBW Thick & Chubby Girls » Fondling & Kissing Girls » NNUpskirts & Shoe Cams & Panchira » Soccer Moms & Cougar MILFS » Exposed Girls Peeing Forum » Exposed Tits & Boobs Cleavage » Lingerie Pajama Panties & Thongs » Bikinis & Swim Suits Forum » Female Members Xposing Themselves » Exposed Drunk Party Girls » Exposed Webcam Girls Forum » Candid Picture Post Forum Xposing Amateurs currently has Gigs-a-Tons of real home amateur Pictures and Videos consisting of thousands of exposing media files.Including thousands of naked amateur pictures and hundreds of exposed home videos.Brings up the issue of what constitutes harm; if this man had taken the pictures innocently why would there be 'more' harm if he took them for sexual purposes?

If I consent to be photographed naked, and tell my partner he's the only one who has permission to look at that photo, and then he goes and shows it to all his friends*, isn't that a breach of my consent?

In Holland picnic nudist in nature photo, family nudism in the best traditions of this bare culture.

En Hollande, les vacances de nudistes dans la photo de nature, le naturisme familial dans les meilleures traditions de cette culture nue.

As with any crime, it isn't the case that if the accused can present an innocent explanation the charges automatically won't stick.

Juries decide facts like this at trials all the time.

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