Novel israeli and arab dating who is ifani dating

The high intermarriage rate among American Jews has added to such worries.Last year, religious Israeli lawmakers were outraged by news that the son of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was dating a non-Jewish Norwegian woman.The author of "Borderlife," Dorit Rabinyan, has another work on the list.In an interview with Army Radio, Fenig said having another book on the list that deals with relationships between Jews and non-Jews was a reason "Borderlife" was excluded.Lebanon became an independent state in 1943, but French troops would not withdraw until 1946, the same year that Syria won its independence from France.

Egypt gained nominal independence in 1922, but Britain continued to exert a strong influence on the country until the Anglo-Egyptian Treaty of 1936 which limited Britain’s presence to a garrison of troops on the Suez Canal until 1945.She also said the timing, coinciding with the current outburst of violence, was not right, fearing tensions could be enflamed in classrooms over the book.She did not address the letter cited in Haaretz and AP could not reach her for comment.A combined invasion by Egypt, Jordan and Syria, together with expeditionary forces from Iraq, entered Palestine – Jordan having declared privately to Yishuv emissaries on 2 May that it would abide by a decision not to attack the Jewish state.The 10 months of fighting, interrupted by several truce periods, took place mostly on the former territory of the British Mandate and for a short time also in the Sinai Peninsula and southern Lebanon.

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