No credit cards just hook up for sex

Kimberly, a 27-year-old nanny in Atlanta, has had sex with three men in the past month. A monogamous relationship is the only component of my life that is lacking — but I love it! Right Now will do just fine." Welcome to the hookup culture — or as reporter Laura Sessions Stepp puts it, "the most confusing sexual landscape any generation has faced." Stepp spent the past year hanging out with eight young women and learning about their sexual escapades.

Right eventually, but for the time being, I've got needs, and Mr.

When they get up and walk out, they feel depressed and don't know why.Q: What's your advice to women who are planning to go out tonight and get it on with a stranger? Wait until you know him better, and believe me, the sex is going to be better. A: Maybe, but I think in our rush to condone or not be seen as disapproving of young women's independence — which I'm very much in favor of — we have gone too far in the opposite direction. I wouldn't argue that you should never have casual sex.I just think that women need to think through how they're going to do it and with whom.A: In my generation, we wanted to have free sex, but we actually didn't.There was a line that you only crossed under certain circumstances.

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