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The Palestinians have redefined the conflict from one over borders, in which compromise may be a solution, into a religious war in which compromise is heretical. This report is not brought as a critique of Islam's religious traditions, nor does it claim to represent authentic Islam.Rather it demonstrates the way Palestinian Authority religious leaders are selecting, interpreting and teaching Islam.

This ideology is preached in sermons and religious lessons that are broadcast every Friday on official Palestinian TV and radio, and from the religious lessons appearing in PA newspapers and children's textbooks.

Dividing Palestine into cantons and giving recognition to the occupation is prohibited by Sharia (Islamic religious law), since Palestinian is Wakf (Islamic Trust) for all Moslems in the East and in the West.

No one has the right to give it up or to forsake it.

'" On Palestinian TV (March 30, 2001) the preacher Dr.

Muhammed Ibrahim Madi attacked Arab-Moslem world leaders because they are avoiding attacking Israel with missiles and tanks, and threatened them that Allah is liable to "replace them with other men... to liberate the lands from the defilement of the Jews." These broadcasts by officially appointed religious leaders, presenting the Palestinian-Israeli conflict as an eternal religious conflict, have been preached long before the current violence began.

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