Nigerian dating scam with paypal

Let’s look at the last of the three emails – the instructions for paying the shipping agent: This message is originated from Pay Pal Company.

The payment we received from has been made successfully and the money has been credited into you Pay Pal account but it will not show in your Pay Pal account.

Using an online payment system that includes dispute resolution sounds like a reasonable precaution, although a close reading of the Pay Pal user agreement indicates that their dispute resolution may not cover personal payments.

The language in the email snippet above is similar to that used in various online scams – but Dave doesn’t spend all day reading scams on the internet so he took it at face value.

But there was more below the surface of the apparently simple request.

Dave was helping a friend sell a used household generator.

Why would anyone pay more for an old generator than a new one?

Remember, there are many fraudsters out there but you don’t have to be an IT security guru to protect yourself. If something seems too good to be true or just doesn’t make sense then you should keep your money well away from it.

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We have changed some of our rules and regulation to make sure our clients, are safe from scam, Pay Pal in conjunction with The FBI and The IFCC has invented certain preventive measure to endure the safety of our customers.

This is a pretty normal situation for anyone working in IT or even familiar with computers, you quickly become the go-to helper for any and all computer problems.

The request was a simple one: help set up a Pay Pal account.

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