Neve campbell dating old spice

If he, for some reason, found himself hysterical after being possessed — or just overwhelmed — by the evil dead, he would certainly gather himself up, shake it off, and get down to business. But come on — that jawline, that total ignorance, the CIA spy cred — he’d be at fighting zombies.And, on top of everything, he looks like a matinee idol. And he’s just stupid enough to be a great Ash replacement. Let it simmer in your brain juice for a little while…it would be hilarious, wouldn’t it? And now, we know that Campbell will not be reprising his role as Ash.And this opens up a lot of questions about who is the right man to fill those very special shoes.Are there crazy, slapstick moments directly inspired by the Three Stooges in comedies.And that’s why casting a lead for this movie has to be a very careful and thoughtful process.Let’s make no mistake — the first two movies are horror movies, through and through.

He does, after all, go back to that same terrifying cabin that ruined his life and killed his sister and friends in the first movie. He has to be a convincing leading man — dashing, self-assured, masculine without being a meat head.

Because he was also a professional football player (a wide receiver — the guy who catches long passes while running, good heavens, make me swoon whydoncha??

), and that kind of physical skill would equip him well for a zombie battle.

Don’t think that I’m saying Captain Jack Harkness is some kind of goofball.

But someone as freewheeling and fun-loving as John Barrowman who can then turn around and be Captain Jack is someone who is perfectly suited to lead a zombie fight.

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