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Muslims will be top dog and everyone else — Jew, Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, animist, atheist — will have these choices: convert to Islam, be a subservient dhimmi or be dead. Whatever Mohammad said and did has merit and should be emulated by every Muslim — from outright lying to gain a political-religious advantage to beheading the apostate to taking a child bride.

The West believes Islamic religious fundamentalists and radicals are an aberration. They are the pious Muslims; they are the serious believers in doing what Islam commands. Al-Qaeda, started by members of the MB, is Salafist. All Al-Qaeda affiliates, associates, franchises, subsidiaries, derivatives, spin-offs, offshoots and imitators are Salafist.They know when to efface themselves and when to be bold.They know how to win at the game of power politics." This section deals with how the American government's implemented policies and the preachings of influential opinion setters have contributed to the infiltration of our institutions by jihadists. We then explore more intensively two particular pools of contributors to frank terrorism: ideologue educators who encourage a hate-America attitude and politicians/administrators who stifle intensive monitoring of potential terrorists.In ancillary activities, we stepped up broadcasting how much more dastardly the Syrian regime was than the noble rebels.And the Administration reassured us that the MB was moderate; it was secular; it was a friend of the West.

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    In a second study, the researchers surveyed 102 opposite-sex friend pairs once per week for a month, completing the same measures as in the previous study.