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The perpetrators of the Marathon bombing are no exception.

Major promoters of Sharia Law and Muslim piety don't just do terror.

Or how rapidly it is growing.[6] Ideological shifts are affecting our courts, where American judges have acted as if Sharia law has standing in American courts.

In practice it means stacking the deck in favor of the husband in family disputes among Muslims.[7] When civil courts rule on the basis of Sharia law, they apparently assume such rulings won't eventually affect non-Muslims.

Radical Muslims have discovered that a small number of people can start multiple organizations, each of which can protest loudly and act in a pseudo-independent fashion.

They can also amplify their message by joining inter-faith and human rights groups, where they can cloak themselves in the respect given to the host organization.[5] Using ideology, money and flattery, they are able to rely on the unstinting help of those Western politicians and media people who reassure us that Islam is a religion of peace and loving-kindness. In America, jihadists are working to bypass our Constitution and readjust our institutions more to their liking.

Democracy, human rights, humanitarianism are meaningless albeit useful terms; the goal is Islamic supremacy.

There are doctrinaire differences in that the Shi'ite Muslims, whose lead country is Iran, await the return of an Imam and the majority Sun'ni Muslims, with Saudi Arabia as lead country, work for the restoration of the Caliphate.Even among the members of a group of allies, there are rivalries, squabbles that can turn nasty and shifts in degree of cooperation.Whatever the dynamics of the volatile configurations, the goal remains the same: in the coming social structure, Sharia law will be universal.But they do, in, for example, restricting food choices because pork is banned or because only halal meat is made available.In the public sphere, we have long had laws on the books to prevent funding of terrorism, such as the channeling by terrorist-front groups of tax-exempt donations to Hamas. Someone has to invoke them and act on them, and government agencies don't necessarily act in a timely fashion.

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