My daughter is dating a con artist

They always have an excuse for why they are not there for you. They are NEVER NEVER wrong unless you catch them red handed and then they still might blame you for catching them in a way that they couldn't "protect" they can never trust you again.

There are always Tops and Bottoms in relationships.

His motto is: “Working smart instead of hard.” He may exploit you via - Credulous, sympathetic, curious women who love challenges and adventures easily 'fall' for a con-artist.

Challenging reality and in particular men pretending to be ideal husbands and lovers, is a game they cannot resist.

Too often my kind of woman don’t really want a husband or a lover, but they need to re-convince themselves that they are better off alone and independent.

Sadly, none of these ‘adventures’ are free of charge.

The financial AND emotional implications might take years to settle. I saw the film, "Elmer Gantry" which was about a vacuum cleaner salesman turned to a tent preacher in the 1920s... I started reading the Bible and checking out local churches...

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