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So how would a con artist or path/liar handle you creating healthy boundaries? Like they will say "Come on." and try to convince you against your will early in the relationship when it is good for them (to kiss you good night, but not necessarily good for you (emotionally tangled).

I really think that testing a guy by telling them you don't want to kiss or even hug but to only be friends till you know them better. I told him I would date him and only him but I didn't want to kiss or hug or anything (he already told me that he wanted to date to get married).

But just as often people get themselves in philological BDSM relationships and they don't know there are "safe" words or lets say they don't have an exit strategy. You have done something to say that you are an easy target.

This gave me a perspective I didn't even know existed. It just seems like a loop that you can never extricate yourself from because these people are not "reasonable." They do not and cannot feel for you because they have so much they have to protect themselves from. I always think that if you can see how they fight (meaning they want something and you don't give it to them the way they want it...

Cautious, but curious, they will venture into the mind and soul of the con-artist, knowing that he will soon spin himself into a pupa with his own furtiveness.

Challenging a con-artist is like going on a trip to a foreign country, or like being part of an expedition tasked to explore life on another planet, or like enrolling for a course in human behaviour.

Sadly, none of these ‘adventures’ are free of charge.

The financial AND emotional implications might take years to settle. I saw the film, "Elmer Gantry" which was about a vacuum cleaner salesman turned to a tent preacher in the 1920s... I started reading the Bible and checking out local churches...

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She has presented research to the Society for the Scientific Study of Psychopathy.

Everyone: Learn how to protect yourself from sociopaths, exploiters and manipulators.

Donna Andersen, an expert on sociopaths in relationships.

These women – at least most of them – might identify a con-artist in time.

Then they will hide whatever they are not willing to lose, and they will line up their friends and relatives as rescuers in case of emergency, and they will wait for the right moment to get rid of the proverbial fly in their soup.

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