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There are so many risks they’re not aware of.’One girl said she was asked for naked pictures ‘at least two or three times a week’. is coming up on the first page of [search engines], which could jeopardise any future career I have or if any family or friends come across it.’Emma Mc Clarkin, a Tory MEP for the East Midlands, said: ‘If your daughter allows one picture of herself to get shared by a friend to a friend who then lets it go on, that picture can get stolen on so many multiple sites that it’s impossible to ever get it off.’NSPCC chief executive Peter Wanless said: ‘These images are illegal, as they effectively constitute indecent images of children, and it’s now becoming clear that adult sex offenders are getting hold of them.

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Miss Hargreaves also warned that older teenagers could themselves be in contravention of child abuse laws if they send or receive naked pictures – because the law says any such pictures of children under 18 can constitute abuse.

She said: ‘One of the things that older young people are not aware is that if you’re 16 or 17 you might think you are over the age of consent, but if you take an image it’s still child sexual abuse because it’s an image of someone under 18.

She had loads and loads of makeup on, so you could see that she'd thought about it.' This girl had used her mobile phone to capture her provocative poses and sent them on afterwards, sometimes unsolicited, to boys - a disturbing trend that has been dubbed 'sexting'.

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Her mother Cynthia (right) spoke movingly on American TV about her tragic loss Provocative, I learned from talking to teenagers and looking at their pages, means scantily clad or semi-naked (usually in underwear), sometimes posing sexually, and always pouting suggestively. 'And it's not normally the sluttier girls who do this - it's more likely to be the shy type of girl who wants to be popular.

'They're the ones who will get easily swayed by boys, because boys want to see them naked, and they think that if they show them themselves naked...' Several girls told me they were often pestered to send explicit photos of themselves to boys. 'But I know girls who give in really easily.'For the Radio 4 programme, I spoke to children from a range of public and state schools.

Even taking into account the obvious fact that teenagers are prone to exaggeration, it became alarmingly clear to me that most of these teenagers were not exaggerating their involvement with pornography.'Everyone makes porn - more people than you would expect,' an articulate sixth-former told me matter-of-factly, before describing how her 17-year-old friend had photographed herself.

'Over the holidays, I went to a party with people from my old school and one of the girls was on her bed with nothing on.

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