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It happened the first time I saw him, this very striking man in his early 30's dressed entirely in black, running across the lawn to break up a fight between two of the boys on his grounds-keeping crew.

As he grabbed one of the boys who was swinging a rake, I could see the firm wiry muscles tense in his arms and the blue green veins swell.

I began experimenting with other women when I was at college-- the very one I work for now.But Ben was a good student, he never did anything inappropriate that warranted a detention. Ben slowly dropped his backpack down to the floor and sat back down.He had wanted to say goodbye to those friends on his bus route before graduation. Ben's head was resting on his arms, which were folded, across his desk.He quietly peeked up at the front of the classroom."This is ridiculous," I thought, standing outside St.Joseph's cottage waiting for Brother Robert to answer my knock. Surely by now he's aware that these frequent meetings with him to talk about the boys on his work crew are contrived and unnecessary." My sister told me I was crazy and said I was setting myself up for a put down. What makes you think that white boy wants any of your brown ass, and him a brother besides?

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