Military dating scam

To help, here is a small sampling of actual impostor scams now playing out across America. Never accept a pitch or give any information to a stranger — on the phone, in person or over the internet — without first independently verifying that it’s legitimate.The military rep: “I’m from the Veterans Administration, and you are entitled, as an ex-soldier, to benefits from this program.Please share this article to make sure everyone knows the dangers of online relationships.

He even thanked Phoebe for bringing it to his attention.For a start, all of his friends weren’t what you’d expect - not many soldiers and not much in the way of family”.Despite the profile having recent activity, posts from what appeared to be a continuous deployment, and even comments and praise from friends, there were plenty of signs that Peter’s identity had been faked.“You’d at least expect to see plenty of activity from loved ones, as well as posts about important life events like the birth of a niece or nephew, or the birthday of a sibling or parent.” Additionally, the man was claiming to be in his 50s, an appropriate dating age bracket for Phoebe, the client.Melanie Daria, one of Trustify’s private investigators, first saw Peter’s profile when it was sent to her by Phoebe, a client.Phoebe was already in the midst of starting a relationship with the man, and since she’d worked with Melanie before, she thought she’d simply run the man’s information past her and get the all clear. She’d had rough experiences, and she was hoping that things finally were working out for her - at least in the romance department”. “Peter’s profile had none of the usual indicators that it was genuine.

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