Middle east dating site

But Shamash said that no one will be excluded from joining the site due to financial constraints.Ultimately Shamash — who has not returned her native Iraq since leaving as a refugee — sees Eldelala as a way to connect Mizrahi Jews who are no longer living in their home countries.The organization indirectly gained public prominence as a source of news and analysis about the Muslim world, following the September 11 attacks and the subsequent war on terrorism by the Bush administration.According to MEMRI, its translations and reports are distributed to "congresspersons, congressional staff, policy makers, journalists, academics, and interested parties".(Out of the handful of matches Eldelala has initiated since April, one is still in touch, according to Shamash.) Arazi tried other dating platforms without success, she said.

She declined to meet the first match after realizing that he was much more observant than she was, but she is hoping to meet a second possible suitor soon.Still, Shamash’s goal is not to discourage marriage between Jews of Middle Eastern descent and those from other backgrounds, she said, pointing out that she has been married to her husband, an Ashkenazi Jew, for 25 years.“I didn’t make it in any way so there should be no mixing [between Mizrahi and non-Mizrahi Jews],” she said.To that end, Shamash launched Eldelala — which means “the matchmaker” in Arabic — in April.So far, the site has only about 50 members from around the world, including from the US, Canada, England, the Netherlands, and Sweden — who range in age from 21 to 72.

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