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Once he realized that the floor was caving in because he had improperly repaired it years before, he quickly changed his tune.This is just one example of how our landlord/tenant relationship went.However it has been a year we have had this arrangement.The apartment we live in now is only in my boyfriend's name. I lived at my residence for 3 years and he has had this one for over 5 years. When I signed my lease at my old apt my landlord said that it was ok if I had the dog (a GSD) as long as I paid a pet deposit, which I did. Alabama Our problem is a long story and fairly complicated. Both my boyfriend and I had the same landlord though we each had seperate apartments.In HUD’s words, “The Fair Housing Act makes it unlawful for a housing provider to refuse to make a reasonable accommodation in its rules, policies, practices, or services when needed to provide persons with disabilities an equal opportunity to use or enjoy a dwelling.” “HUD is committed to making sure housing providers meet their obligation to grant people with disabilities the reasonable accommodations they need,” said HUD’s Midwest Regional Administrator Antonio R. Service animals are tricky and many, many property owners and managers simply do not understand that it falls under Fair Housing laws and according to federal law, must be accommodated, no matter the pet policy.This is not the first, nor the last Fair Housing violation seen with this, and in this case, many violators are not attempting to discriminate, nor do they know they are discriminating, rather are sticking to their animal policy, which gets tricky, especially when the service animal is a breed restricted by property management.

My boyfriend also now has a dog and had discussed this with our landlord and they verbally agreed that he could either pay a pet deposit or forfeit his security deposit.

He threatened to make my boyfriend sign his new lease which explicitly bans GSD's (Our old leases do not have a breed ban).

He later apologized for this and we didn't have any issues for a few weeks.

We have never received anything in writing asking for them to be removed.

He has never demanded they be removed, even though their pet deposit agreement is not verified on paper.

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