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Slowdowns can be caused by a number of things so we've summed them up in the Quick fixes if your Firefox slows down guide.Getting error messages when you try to load up a website?Gymnastics team physician Larry Nassar, the Kentucky Senate unanimously passed legislation that would strengthen the state’s existing rape and sodomy laws.Julie Raque Adams, R-Louisville, said the vote was timely because SB 109 would ensure the sexual acts Nassar committed in Michigan would be considered rape under Kentucky law.I gave up and reinstalled everything on my computer.

So I did another clean install without the DVD software. Chatroulette has been giving journalists reporting fodder for slow news days for a few months now — enough time, apparently, to spawn a number of clones.In your opinion, do any of these clones do Chatroulette better than the original?She detailed how she would avoid grocery stores on days when her picture appeared in newspapers and magazines covering the Nassar crimes.The plan would fully fund public pensions and eliminate unfunded pension liabilities of an estimated to billion over several decades.

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