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There are more than 50% chances for prostate gland enlargement between the age of 50 years and 60 years.Yes, benign prostate hyperplasia can lead to sexual complaints.The normal size of the adult prostate gland is about 15cc to 30cc.A prostate gland of more than 30cc usually indicates benign prostate hyperplasia.However, to get a confirmed diagnosis, medical investigation is necessary.

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But, there are many other conditions that can cause frequent urination at night as well; diabetes, urinary tract infection and overactive bladder, for example.In case of a urinary tract infection, pain and burning while urinating is also felt.Yes, benign prostate hyperplasia is an age related complaint in males.Prostate gland muscles also aid expulsion of semen during ejaculation.The approximate weight of prostate gland ranges between 8-15 grams.

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