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Even though this is a joint Litvak SIG-Belarus SIG project, all contributions should be made through Litvak SIG by going to https:// membership-and-contributions/ join-and-contribute/ The support of researchers from Lida District towns has enabled us to translate more than 100,000 records of our Lida District families so far.Thanks to those of you who helped make this possible -- and thanks in advance to those of you who will help us continue our translations.Please write me at [email protected] you have any questions about this list, or about the Litvak SIG Lida District Research Group. The following is a link to my mother's diary in a google doc format: PTR3jogx XIzdd QJBSmk Lk TJ_Qx Yp BFKKb CNhix D0xo/edit Dear Mr.Judy Baston, Coordinator, Litvak SIG Lida District Research Group Visit our home page at ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~ The database and discussion group of Litvak SIG ([email protected]) are hosted by Jewish Gen Litvak SIG is a non-profit 501(c)3 corporation. Leviant, By way of an introduction, I’m the Director of Communications at the Yiddish Book Center and am in touch to ask about needed permission and hi-resolution image file for a photograph on your website that we’d like to include in Pakn Treger, the Yiddish Book Center’s magazine. Salomon | Atlantic Overseas Pictures Television | 310-359-0713 (Los Angeles) | 646-418-8321 (New York) | 0870-068-4860 (London) | 630-566-7617 (fax) | skype: teleprodcr Good evening, I just saw your website, and saw that you have a great collection of Kaunas's children, early 1930.It is rumoured that he may have come to South Africa via Germany, as apparently that is where he worked as a tailor for a Mr Liepner, hence him adopting the surname for professional reasons.Which route he took to get to South Africa is not known. Has spent coins Title: South African Who's Who 1916 Page Number: 395 His will and death notice have no information that could help us either.

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To contribute, go to https:// membership-and-contributions/ join-and-contribute/ Click on "Research Groups for Districts and Gubernias" and choose "Lida District." Although this is a list of 10,929 Jews who were officially registered with the Lida Jewish Community, it also contains many references to people living in more than 150 other towns -- in the Lida District and elsewhere.

Unfortunately the date of his arrival is also before registers were kept by the Poor Jews Shelter in London, so I am not able to find any record of him there, nor on any online research sites for Lithuanian Jews. Other: Came to South Africa in 1894; Johannesburg from 1894 to 1899; Cape Town 1899 to 1902; Johannesburg 1902 to 1915. The only other information that might be of interest is that he sent both of his son's to Kenya to study and in 1945 his daughter Leila alias Lucille who had polio went to USA for treatment at the Mayo clinic after her 1st divorce. 1st to Edgar Isidore Edelstein, (one daughter) 2nd to Maurice Shartin (no children) 3rd to Alastair Byde Liebert (one son).

His naturalization document in 1902 states he came from "Poswell", Kovno, Russian Empire. If anyone has connections to this family or can offer any assistance, the family would greatly appreciate it. He was the son of Louis Sheinhaus & Rose Chodosh, and the grandson of Khaim & Esther Sheinhaus.

Contributions to Litvak SIG may be made online at https:// membership-and-contributions/ and are tax-deductible as provided by law. The photograph would be included in a short feature which will include photographs of Yiddish writers in their youth, the photograph will be accompanied by short caption text about the writer. My grand-father born in Kaunas in 1928, he was in the "Schwabe" Gymnasium" school.

Contributions may also be mailed to Litvak SIG, Inc., c/o Eden Joachim, 41 Country Club Lane, Pomona, NY 10970. The image that we’re interested in are: sutzkever 050606_149_b Thanks for your help with this request. Lisa Lisa Newman Director of Communications Yiddish Book Center 1021 West Street Amherst, MA 01002 413.256.4900 x 114 [email protected]: Harris F. Salomon (Atlantic Overseas Pictures Television, LLC) looking for anyone connected to or has knowledge of the weingarten family from kozova. His name was Shimshon SHWARTZ, do you have more picture of children during the 1936 - 1941 ?

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