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A list of the "Other Towns in the Lida 1903_1905 Family List" and surnames of those residing in them is on the publicly accessible homepage of our Litvak SIG Lida District Research Group site at https://lidadistrict.under "Surname Lists," as is a list of all "Surnames in the Lida 1903-1905 Family List" with the number of times each surname appears, and a list of "Surnames with Registration Numbers." This Family List appears to be a complete census of the Jewish population of Lida before the mass immigration that began around 1905, although some individuals are already noted as living in America or London.

His naturalization document in 1902 states he came from "Poswell", Kovno, Russian Empire. If anyone has connections to this family or can offer any assistance, the family would greatly appreciate it. He was the son of Louis Sheinhaus & Rose Chodosh, and the grandson of Khaim & Esther Sheinhaus.I’d like to use that specific picture (as no pictures like that exist in the public domain), but I don’t know what you did/steps you took to securing a copyright; I’ve never worked on a project that could involve copyright so I’m completely new to this! Hope to hear from you soon, - Steven I was reviewing your wealth of information on Radoshkovichi and found my husband’s 2nd great uncle, Zalman Shulman (grandfather to Arkady Shulman).I am assuming, then, that there is a relation to you?From the gravestone and death notice it is estimated he was born circa 1875.According to two sources (one being his Rand Pioneer certificate, the other is mentioned at the end), Nicolas came to South Africa circa 1892/94 initially as a tailor.

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